David, The Original Super Hero

It all starts well. That statement seems like the theme of our lives, doesn’t it? Whether it’s New Year’s resolutions, new jobs, new church, or new marriage it usually starts well and is well-intentioned. But this week’s chapter of the story causes me to reflect on the follow through.

David was arguably Israel’s greatest human king and his kingship started with a loud bang as God took out Goliath with David’s sling. David takes it up a few more notches by giving an unyielding amount of grace to his predecessor Saul because David had faith in God’s process. But David had a weakness. Sounds like a story you have read before, right?

Well actually it’s like every superhero story you have ever read before. They all start well with a person who soon discovers they have a unique ability to do something amazing. They show the normal or disadvantaged person who becomes faster, or smarter, or better. Take for example Bruce Wayne whose parents are murdered before his eyes, Clark Kent, who is an orphan, Tony Stark, whose father is too busy to care, Steve Rodgers and Emmet (everything is awesome) to name a few. Each goes through a period of life where, despite their ability, they struggle deeply. Each person and their new found fame, wealth, or power then goes through a period of struggle or selfishness. Those who survive that time and learn to be humble and altruistic become superheroes. Those who don’t die or become the villain.

Saul is the prime example of a powerful leader, chosen by God, who starts with the most humble of Israeli origins, yet grows to become a powerful king. He then gets selfish and greedy. He is given multiple opportunities to change his ways, multiple points to redirect His life back to God, back to serving His God and His people, but never makes the transition. Saul dies the villain.

David’s humble origins, his youthful gift of grace to his predecessor, his gift of music, his ability to win battles, his good looks are all a recipe for a great superhero story. But this week we see his test.

This week we discover whether he will avoid becoming like Saul or he will own his sin, be reminded of the true source of his power and survive to become the hero God has called him to be. And he does, roll credits.

David becomes the superhero of Israel. A superhero not because he is perfect, not because he is powerful, or smart, but David was a true superhero, a true “special” because he could admit that he was wrong. For David, it starts well and it ends well. What will be said of you?

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