God Provides

Have you ever been in a situation not knowing what to do? I have, and I meet people all the time who don’t know how to get out of some sort of mess, danger or other difficult situation. As I am reading The Story and experience life I learn that I must trust God to provide in all situations.

One of my favorite stories is in our reading this week. David the shepherd boy was simply taking food to his brothers when he heard and saw the Philistine giant defying Israel. At first, I doubt if David knew exactly how he was going to defeat Goliath, but he did know that God would rescue him. David simply trusted God to show him the way and fight the battle. In the end God provided the exact resources (stones) at the right time to slay the giant. This is only one of many difficult situations in David’s life when he relied on God to provide.

Recently, I needed God’s provision. I told my friend who was in trouble to just come by and we would try to work it out. My prayer was that with the help of God and wise men, we could collectively find a solution. He came quickly, and we were slowly following the plan. However, just at the right time I believe, another friend showed up who had just gone through a similar problem. He was the precise resource I needed! He was a God-send that evening showing me the way in a crisis situation.

Three days later, though things had improved in the crisis, I needed someone to help for a few hours. Out of nowhere, my second friend popped up again to help. At that moment I thought to myself that he might be an angel. In both instances I believe God sent/provided him for us.

Whether it be through a stone or through people, God provides. He has provided for me in many ways and through so many people at Singing Oaks. May God help me to be his instrument of provision to others.

The story about my two friends has a bit of a twist in the end. The friend in trouble gave me some money he didn’t need in his current living situation. After unsuccessfully trying to give it away twice, guess who received the blessing? It was our “angel” second friend! He was stranded over night on the road with a car problem not knowing what to do (he called for help). The money for the repair came indirectly from the one person that he had helped twice. God Provides!

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