How to Become a Sell Out

In this posting you will find three simple and easy rules to become a most loathsome and/or blessed person in the world, a “sellout.” This blog post is about leaving it all behind in pursuit of something better. If you are thinking of becoming a sellout, you should read this blog posting very carefully to attain this most noble of statuses. I think that I should add a word of warning that you may want to read and contemplate this in a private area as your decision is sure to make you the butt of many jokes and a sure target of derisory remarks and judgment. And hopefully after many moments of contemplation and practicing the instructions of this micro-manifesto you too will be a proud sell out like so many people of faith before you. So let’s start with a definition and a most helpful quote:

Sell-out/noun – Anyone who sacrifices their present and/or past state in an effort to gain a preferred status in life; someone who forgets their roots.

“Some people might say that it’s the American dream to be a sellout.” – The Internet

Now let me tell you the truth about me. I’m not a complete sellout yet, but I want to be. Right now you might be asking “Why?” The reason I want to be a sellout is because of an amazing woman in the Bible named Ruth. Ruth is one of the Biblical narrative’s greatest examples of selling out. She is the embodiment of the three steps it takes to become a sell out.

A Woman of Faith

Ruth chose to forget everything that she had known. When I say she forgot, I mean she abandoned all that once was in her life to pursue a future that was unsure. This is a commitment that seems fool hardy at best but I will define it as faith in action. She was an outsider from Moab who was in an inter-ethnic marriage to an Israelite man who left her a widow. As a woman she had no birthright, no inheritance and with her husband’s death, she had no provider. Her best resources were her sister-in-law and her mother-in-law, both women who were in equal or worse shape than Ruth. This group of women were provider less, penniless and with no power or connections. The beautiful thing is that when the reality of the situation sets in, Ruth has a chance to go back to what she had known or to move forward in faith.

We celebrate her because she chose to go forward! She only believed that what was in front of her was better than what was behind her. She covenanted with Naomi, her mother-in-law, that she would adopt a new life by following her and adapt to her new surroundings by immersing herself in the culture of the Israelites. Her intentionally forward focus would not allow her the temptation to look back.

A Woman of Action

Ruth’s choice to “sell out” meant that she would choose to honor her commitment to God. She did more than just talk about faithfulness, she made good on her profession with expression. For Ruth, keeping the faith meant honoring her covenant; honoring is defined by action. This was best demonstrated in her day to day relationships and her work. Ruth’s example teaches us how to keep covenant in our day to day living. What is even more impressive is Ruth’s demonstration of faith in the middle of her circumstances. She was not waiting on a sign to commit nor was she was not waiting on a change in circumstance to act. This faithfulness was seen by God and He blessed her as He blesses us when we choose to live by faith.
I want to be like Ruth. I want to have a faith that helps me not to simply believe in God, but to believe God. I want to believe that my future is better than my past and much more than the joys of my present state. I want to believe so much that I abandon everything I’ve ever known just to follow God’s leading. Abraham was a sellout. Joshua was a sellout. Samson was a sellout and by faith I will be one too.

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