“Our Story”

Our theme at Singing Oaks for 2013 has been, “Go!” In all of our sermon series and in our ministries we have tried to focus on that theme. We have been asking the question,” Where is God taking us? How can we walk in step with God’s Spirit?” And God has done marvelous things with this church. We have 66 acres of land available for Kingdom purposes, at God’s disposal. New ministries are opening up. FriendSpeak opens up whole new vistas of outreach to Hispanic people, and even beyond. We are ending the year with the Christmas story: “Go to the manger.” And there we are reminded that our story is the story of a God brave enough to go and become one of us and to save us.

Out theme for 2014 is, “Our Story.” How can we as Christians, live out the story of God as revealed in scripture? The centerpiece of the year will be “The Story,” an abridged chronological Bible, that consists of 31 segments of carefully selected passages woven together to connect the storyline so it reads as a seamless narrative. For new and experienced Bible readers this will be a powerful way to be inspired by the grand narrative of scripture. We will kick off “The Story” in January. Each week the sermon will cover a chapter. There are a host of resources for children, teens, adults and small groups.

So, in closing, thank you for being a church that “goes.” I am excited about our journey as it continues in 2014!

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