What to do about Grace?

Growing up in the Church of Christ, I found it very hard to wrap my mind around God’s Grace. In my childhood church experience I would say that my understanding of salvation and Grace had more to do with making sure my interpretation of scripture was correct and that I was doing Sunday morning services correctly. If not, God would surely not look graciously upon me was what I believed. But I struggled with this understanding. Was I saved by Grace or by works? What part did my life and how I lived it play into God’s Grace on me? Doesn’t what we do and how we do it matter? Now I know what the scriptures say about Jesus Grace – don’t get me wrong – what I struggle with is Jesus constantly loved and spent time with the sick and sinful, which according to the Law, would make him unclean, un-Holy. But Jesus seemed to be less concerned with His holiness, and more concerned about loving the unloved, touching the sick, and healing the demon possessed.

Every week I am faced with a new challenge of showing God’s Grace to others in ways I would have never dreamed. This week is no different. So far I am working with a family struggling through the pain of infidelity and divorce. This week I am trying to show God’s love to a person who struggles with their gender. I am working with teens addicted to porn and others that are struggling with suicidal thoughts. It’s Wednesday! More and more it is apparent to me that people are hurting and longing for God’s love and Grace. God’s children are craving acceptance and understanding for who they are, all the while showing a callous sinful facade. They are longing to be loved.

More and more I see some of my fellow believers and I struggle with our busy lives and our lack of time to sit and show love to those who are hurting. Sometime we seem all too concerned with our own holiness that we forget our priestly call. We need grace too. Daily I find myself trying hard to remember that I am not faced with the task of sharing knowledge and telling people what is wrong. People know what is wrong, and the Spirit of God takes care of convicting. I am not faced with the task of trying to vote the world’s problems out of existence. God said the world will get worse and worse. I am not faced with the task of pointing out the flaws I see in others, and posting them on the web. I am faced with the task of showing love to the hurting and sharing hope with the hopeless. I am faced with the task of being priestly and leading others to care more about others than they do about themselves.

For those who are hurting, I want you to know that God saves who He wants to save. It’s not about what you do, who you know, or even how you live. It is simply about God’s Grace through Jesus. If you don’t like that, take it up with God, not me. I don’t make the rules. If anyone tells you that salvation is about anything else other than God’s Grace, they are wrong. Jesus loves you just as you are and He invites you to join Him and His bride the church in His mission. He promises to love you no matter what. He also promises to give you grace for what you have done and to lead you to a new life, not leave you where you are. If you want to know more about Jesus and His love for you please contact me at the Singing Oaks Church of Christ.

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