Relapse is real. We talk about this word often in Celebrate Recovery. It can happen anytime so we always need to be on our guard, especially during the holiday season. Just last week we talked about this topic and ways to prevent it. But along with prevention we also learn about recovering from it.

One of the big problems with relapse is the sense of guilt that comes with it. I failed again! I’m a loser. I just want to be alone. I’ve let God down again. My family and my brothers and sisters in Christ are disappointed in me…again. I will never be able to live up to the standard. And so we sink lower and lower. It is here, in this low place, that we have to be honest with God, ourselves and others. We must remove the mask and in a safe environment confess what we have done to God and man. And that’s when something amazing happens. Grace breaks in and grace flows through others to us (God’s delivery system according to Dr. John Townsend).

In order to bounce back from the depths of relapse I must discover or rediscover the overflowing Grace of God. I am talking about the Grace that says: “I still love you! I created you! I forgive you! I will help you and my people will help you. In fact, they are dying to help you because they still love you, accept you and are eager to extend grace to you.”

With this view of the God of grace, miracles happen. I feel peace and can go forward – not with a skewed attitude of grace that allows me to continue in my sin – but with an increasing desire to please God and do better. I can go forward in love and grace where there is acceptance, healing and transformation instead of guilt, fear and condemnation. We claim the words of Paul to the Romans; “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Romans 8:1 (NIV).

No one wants to relapse, but we ALL do. And when we do, we praise God for the wonderful grace that is in Jesus our Lord.

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