Why Do I Need God?

Honestly, why do I need Him when I have everything? I’m pretty rich. I have access to so much that enriches (read: complicates) my life. When I’m hungry, I go to my fridge where I have a virtual smorgasbord of options to fill my belly. When I’m cold I can crank up the heater or wrap myself in the softest, most cozy blankets. And when I want to go somewhere I just jump in my car and travel as far as a tank of gas will take me. This is power.

The resources I possess, the power of self-determination and the capacity to do for myself makes me the god of my life. When I have all this in my possession why do I need to look any higher? I don’t have to check with anyone to do what I want to do. I could choose to be accountable to others but only if I choose. When I determine what will be, it will be. With the resources I have the power to be creator-king is in my hands. If I dream it and I want it, I can have it. This is real power! I can do almost anything I want.

The Reality Check

Now, if you didn’t understand me the first time or you are just appalled at what was written before, let me state it again. The power is in my hand, in my heart and in my head. I can do almost anything I want. But that last sentence has a small problem in it for me. Did you catch it? There is one word in there that is a thorn in the flesh that irks and irritates me to no end. It is a word that reminds me of why I need God. That word is almost.

Almost means that I have a limit. That word means that with all of my so called power, I still don’t have enough to replace God. It means that I am not God. For what happens to all my control if my hands become crippled? What happens to my power when my heart fails? What happens to my creativity when my mind deteriorates? What happens when all the things that were strengths become weaknesses and I am exposed for what I really am – dust. When all of my deficiencies are exposed what is finally revealed is the fact that there was, is and always will be only one God. He is The One true God. All others are imposters and usurpers of His rightful throne.

So back to the original question – “Why do I need God?” Because I am limited. Because I am merely a man. Because when control and power go to my head, I become a dangerous man. I tear down everything that I thought I build. I hurt myself and everyone around me. I don’t give, I take. My most perfect creations are laden with imperfection because they were made with imperfect hands. It is my imperfection, my frailty, my hubris and my blindness. It is my limited nature that cries out that I NEED GOD! I need God because I am dying and I’m afraid of death and only He can give me life. I need Him because I get sick and only He can be my Healer. I need Him because I am broken in so many ways that only He can fix me. And ultimately it’s because when I was drowning in the turbulent sea of sin, only He could speak peace to my raging seas, only He could walk on the water and be an all sufficient Savior who reached out to save me. That’s why I need God.

Why do you?

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