Say “YES” to Wednesday Nights

Every Wednesday night at Singing Oaks, I am amazed by the generosity of our Children’s Ministry teachers. Marcia Browder and Cindy Medlicott are in the nursery waiting for Lily Beth, Will, Luke, and any other sweet little baby that may show up. Karen King and Jennifer Yarbrough are toughing it out with The Grove kids who are incredibly energetic and exhausted at the same time after a full day of school and extracurricular activities. Paula Shackelford and Emily McDonald are attempting to create a space conducive to learning and quiet for twenty 1st and 2nd grade children. Bonnie Peeters is braving the fatigue, energy, and intelligence of the 4’s and 5’s, and in the next classroom, Leeza Cargal, after racing to SOCC from her last college class of the day, is bringing focus and peace to the craziness of 3rd and 4th graders.

Anyone who has ever consistently taught a Wednesday night class at any church in the world, is completely aware that children of all ages are extremely active, happy, irritable, funny, crazy, etc, after a full day of school, family, and fun. By 7pm, most are ready for downtime, but surrounded by friends, they often become a crazy happy chaos. It is with some dread that I approach Wednesday night Bible classes, and I am positive I am not alone in this subject. It is also with joy that I enter Wednesday night, because Wednesday night is the most authentic we are all week together as a church family. We bring our energy-zapped lives into they gym for a meal provided by Leah Daily, Jacque King, Lekky King, and many others, sit around tables to eat and share our day, and then we move into an hour of learning and teaching about who God is, who we are as believers, and how we share this love with others.

Not only am I amazed by the aforementioned teachers who generously give their time and energy, but I am awed by all who enter the holiness of Wednesday night. It is so easy to say no to Wednesday night because you are tired from work and school, or there is something really good on television tonight, or you would rather have a night to study or go to bed early. It takes courage to say “YES” to Wednesday nights. It takes courage to leap into washing dishes after our meal together, or go to Celebrate Recovery, or teach a Bible Class, or have an Elders Meeting. Wednesday nights make us a better family. Say “YES” to Wednesday nights, and take this opportunity to see your church family in all of her weariness, hunger, and love for each other.

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