Light and the Darkness

“You are the Light of the world” – Matthew 5:14 (NIV)

Not, “Someday you will be the Light of the world” nor does it read “You might become the Light of the world when you figure everything out.” It just says, “You are”. What a statement! “Are” is a state of being. It means that everyone who is reading this blog is light. You’re not so sure about that, are you? “Are” is a statement of identification, and Jesus has declared His followers are the light. Yes, that means you!

As I have grown up in the Church, I have noticed, much to my lament, that we are in a crisis of identity. We are salt and light, but we don’t really see ourselves as salt and light. We see ourselves as many things, but maybe more important than how we see ourselves is how the worlds sees us. Let’s not kid ourselves. We know the world is watching. The truth is the world is not the problem; the problem is that our behavior before the unbelieving world identifies us as either Bible Bashing Behemoths or Timid Tongue-Tied Twits. In one view we come across as believers who are boastful and full of hubris or schizophrenically just the opposite, depressed and forlorn. We vacillate between proud peacocks and mumbling sheep. What a mess we are!

But that’s just the beginning of our problem. Sometimes we do really Christian things in the presence of other believers. We attend the weekly worship assembly, we join a Small Group at church and we teach a Bible Class once a year; we might even take the Youth Group on a hiking trip but God forbid anyone ever catch us when we go “Scorched Earth” after waiting like forever in the DMV. The sad thing is that we know that we need to be more like Jesus but we aren’t exactly sure how or when we will get there. Could this be part of the reason we run from our true calling and purpose eschewing a transformed life for the simple veneer of “Christ likeness”? If a true “Christlike Spirit” is to “everywhere be found” we have to let our light shine every day and in every way.

The light exists to drive out the darkness; the light exists to expose all the danger that comes from the absence of light. “You are the light of the world” and you exist to illuminate every environment.

We are all like the apostle Paul. We are at war with ourselves. The very things we know we should do, we lack the motivation to do. And to complicate our lives even more, the things we need to avoid, we run to. Did I mention that we are a mess? It’s time for some honesty. Remember the truth will set you free. Now read below:

We are in the war of our lives. This is the war for our hearts and our very souls. We are in a battle and make no mistake – we are in the Battle for Everything!

The Past is behind us, the Future is ahead of us and our light determines the Future’s Brightness. Our present opportunity is to embrace the light and let it shine. The hardest work for everyone is to first allow the light to flood your immediate environment. Do you remember the last time you were having the best sleep ever and someone had the bright idea to turn on the lights when you were sleeping? How did you feel? Grateful? Happy? Excited? I’m sure grateful is exactly what you were feeling. I just know that you went to bed hoping to be abruptly awakened to start a new day … NOT!

When I was growing up my baby brother used to turn on the light as soon as his feet touched the floor. He also opened the windows to let in the sunlight when he arose in the morning. I wanted to beat him up daily! The problem was he was bigger than me. It absolutely offended me that he would do such a heinous thing. I would have much preferred getting up 15 minutes later, picking out my clothes and getting dressed in the dim light of the morning. It only occurred to me later in the day that I was unkempt and a poor representation of my family. Sadly this same pattern was also true of my approach to “Spiritual Life”.

Maybe the reason we haven’t been fully clothed with Christ is because we are dressing in the dark.

When light floods in it shocks us; it offends us, it upsets everything. But maybe that’s the point. Is it possible that that’s exactly what we need when we have been in a deep spiritual slumber?

Light exposes all the danger that the darkness hides. The Darkness of ignorance and an inauthentic life promises us protection and a place to hide. But what the Darkness promises are all lies. It will leave us unaware, unprepared and undressed for the war we are in. But the Light keeps us revealed and exposed, yet protected and secure in God’s love. The Light is transforming for all who want to be real and honest because when we walk in the light we are guaranteed a fellowship that reveals the true nature of God just as He has promised. This is what God desires and destines for all who will walk with Him. And as we walk with Him, He sends us into the world to be the light.

“So hold out your candle, run to the darkness … Go light your world!”

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