Why I Worship

Why do I worship? I worship because God is unchanging. I worship Him because He is good. He is good even when I’m bad. And He loves me even still when I’m at my worst. He loves me even though sometimes I’m unlovable. But that does not matter with Him. His love is a love that will never let me go. His love is a love that will last forever and ever. Oh, how He loves us so.

I worship Him because He is the almighty God

Why do I worship? Because God is great! He shaped the universe with His own master plan. He aligned every planet and arranged every star in just the right place. He hung the Sun and the Moon; He exalted every mountain and humbled every valley with His own hands. He made every river to run and every ocean to foam. Everything he made is beautiful and good, full of color and perfect in design. The beauty of His creation declares His majesty and His artistry. Why shouldn’t I worship Him?

I worship Him because He is just AND merciful.

Why do I worship? Because I value what has been done for me. When I think about who I am and what I’ve done in this life, I know what I deserve. I deserve death, I deserve pain, I deserve as much sorrow placed upon me as I have caused others.

I worship because when He looks at me he sees more than just my successes and failures; more than my potential, more than my promise. He knows all that I have been (which ain’t much) and knows all that I will be. He spared my life when I was wandering astray and led me back to where I belong. He saw that I was a lost man trying to find his way home and He made His home inside my heart so that I would never have to wander again. I deserve to walk as a man marked by disgrace and full of shame. That’s justice, that’s what I deserved. My shame is deeper than the sea but His grace is deeper still. I thank God that He is merciful.

I worship Him because He is full of compassion.

Why do I worship? Because He sees Jesus in me. I went from being a poor unfortunate soul to become one who is saved and sanctified by the blood of the lamb. I worship Him because He took a personal loss for me to gain a personal Savior. He paid from the riches of His grace to ransom me from a life that was deluded, defiled and on the brink of destruction. He made a way for me when there was no other way and now I am His forevermore. I worship Him because He sees the crimson stain that washed me, marked me and saved my soul. I worship Him because He sees in me so much more than I can see. I worship because life is not just better with Him but because there is no life with out Him. I worship Him because there is nothing like his love, there is nothing like His grace, there is nothing like his mercy. I worship Him because there is no god like our God. I worship Him because He is God and there is no other. He is one, He is the only One! His hearts desire is to make us one. His heart beats for us and how He longs that our hearts beat in time with His. When I worship I feel drawn to be near to Him, when I worship my passion is renewed to be like Him, when I worship a space is created for Him to restore my soul, to revive my heart and to renew my mind. I find a place to be my higher self where none of the other things in this life matter because He is the only thing that matters. When I worship He is all that matters to me.

Why do I worship?

Because He is worthy of all praise and glory. I worship because He is High and holy; because he is faithful and true, because He is gracious and merciful, because He is good. Because He is God.

This is why I worship.

Peace and Blessings

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