Life often becomes routine, which is not bad (I like routines). It may start as an exciting routine, one that gives life purpose and honors God. Over time however, they lose some of the excitement and become somewhat boring, but we stay in them because we like the familiarity and comfort. Yet deep inside we yearn for something new. Then it comes; through promptings from the Spirit of God within us or perhaps from an external source, a new challenge that we either accept or reject. This has probably happened to you in your life. It has happened to me a number of times.

My new challenge (though really not so new) which started a few months ago is to find the best ways to reach out where I live. For me this new challenge comes because of limited time left in Africa, responsibility to God, and the need to keep my word. I can’t go into detail about all that is happening, but one thing I know. I have been forced out of my old routines and comfort zones again and into a life of surprises, learning, expecting, moving, risking and trusting. Days are exciting and outlook is positive (most days). It’s not easy, however, and is very tiring sometimes, but its much more purposeful and hardly ever boring. Rest is also needed and I have just this week found some time to regroup.

For me, to stay in the old routine is easier, cheaper and safer. But sometimes (more often than I care to admit) God calls me out into the unknown, into the the deep water so to speak where life is more challenging. Sometimes we have no choice; maybe a difficult situation is forced upon us, but many times the choice is ours. Do we go or remain? Step out or stay in the boat? I have done both, but the times I have stepped out have been defining moments in my life. I know the decision is not always easy or perfectly clear, but God’s call does come. Accept it next time! Make the right choice! Take the challenge! Life will never be the same!

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