Sheep, Trees and Chainsaws

If you would have told me that within a few minutes you could move the island of Japan 4 feet, I would have said yeah, I can imagine an earthquake could do that. If you would have told me that in 24 minutes 990 structures could be completely destroyed and over 2000 could be critically damaged, I would have said yeah, I could see a tornado doing that. But if you would have told me that it will take 10 to 12 years to fully recover from the tornado damage in Tuscaloosa, and decades to recover from the earthquake and tsunami, I would have said, I can’t imagine that it would take that long. However, after spending two days with 28 people working for 6 hours a day with 5 chainsaws, a skid steer, and any tool we needed at our disposal, we were still only able to help out 3 households.

Natural disasters are bad. Human ingenuity and power pale in comparison to the full force of nature. Seeing the aftermath of such tragic events reminds me of just how small we are, but how powerful the God of the universe must be and how powerful his people can be. It is not an amazing thing that people take their time and donate it to those in need. After all, it is our basic calling as Christians to answer the call and help those who need it. In fact it is the basis for how we will be judged by God in the end of days. Mathew 25:31- 46 tells the story of the end of days when the sheep will be separated from the goats. Both say they have never seen God, and both are guilty of ignorance, but the goats acted to serve themselves and the sheep served those who were hungry, thirsty, in need of a place to stay, or in need of clothing. God says that what is done for the least of these was done for him and sends the sheep to eternal life, and the goats to eternal punishment.

In reflecting on the Tuscaloosa disaster, the work we from Singing Oaks did was good work that we pray will glorify God. But the true sheep in all of this were the University Church of Christ and the Central Church of Christ. University gave us, strangers in a foreign land, a place to stay without question. The Central church, who lost their entire building complex, erected tents and provided us and the rest of those in need with food and water, close to 40,000 meals since they lost their building.

If you would have told me that the place that we went to serve, the family who lost everything in this natural disaster, were going to let you help them clean up, I would have said yeah, I could see that. But if you would have told me ahead of time that they were going to feed us, wash our clothes, provide us with water and shade, and give us air-condition rooms with air mattresses blankets, pillows, soap, towels, snacks, and anything else we needed, I would have said that’s impossible they just lost everything. But then again, I would be wrong. The power that God gives his people through the Spirit is truly more powerful than the most devastating natural disasters.

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