Resurrection Within

Easter is here! This is a time we look forward to all year long, a time to focus on the saving work of Jesus and the fact that the tomb was empty. It is a time to think and reflect upon the resurrection. I have been thinking about the resurrection a lot this last week and the work God has done in my life. It made me want to write an autobiography because of the massive amount of work God has done in my life (I had/have a lot of work to be done).

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The Notebook or the Good Book?

Recently, I saw about 10 minutes (the last 10 minutes…and, no, I don’t need to see the rest of it) of a movie called The Notebook. The movie’s tag-line: “With every great love comes a great story.” The movie is about a couple who has experienced tremendous obstacles in their relationship including poor health, a disapproving relative, and several years apart and yet their love remained incredibly strong. As I was sitting there watching I started thinking about God and the love he has shown us, and then I began to wonder if anyone in Hollywood would ever make a movie about Hosea. I mean, talk about your crazy love stories…Hosea has it all: suspense, romance, and a complicated family life.

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Hunt with a Rifle, Not a Shotgun

Story time…I was about 17 years old when I went on a camping trip with my friends in the middle of nowhere, TN. It was my first camping/hunting trip with my friends and I was very excited. We had no adult supervision and I was very excited to say the least. Now, I am not sure if you know what happens when you put 7 guys together in the woods with weapons and no adults, but let’s just say the collective IQ of the group dropped by about 200 points. And it wasn’t that high to begin with!

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A Church on the Move

It’s 8:35 in the morning and I am in the back of a rental truck typing this on my iPhone, and the truck keeps hitting bumps and taking steep curves somewhere in the middle of central Texas. You would think by this point I would be developing motion sickness, but instead all I can think about is how good it feels to be on this journey. No shower, no food yet, and no sleep last night, but it feels good. Really good.

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The Healing Touch

Things are happening. God is moving. You don’t have to go far to notice, and you don’t have to go simply to the Bible to hear stories of God’s activities in this world. He is near, and He is active. Last week I spoke with a friend who was having marriage problems. He and his wife submitted to God and his marriage is being healed. Another friend of mine had two deaths in his immediate family back to back. He is slowly learning to let God shoulder the pain of that loss, and he is healing also. Both of my friends are healing because at the very core of who God is, we find a healer.

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